Some notes about the graphics

I thought I should mention a bit about the graphic that graces this website.  Part of my creation process is immersing in various stimuli during the process. As such I’m listening to a lot of music (which may be a post of its own some time. But also finding images that help inspire me.  For instance I came across an actor that really helps solidify one of the main characters for me…also for another time.

But because of the epic nature of this series, I wanted some very dramatic landscapes and so I started looking through matte paintings.  I came across this picture (Spring Sunset by Andres Roche) and knew it was perfect. Exactly how I imagine one of the places I’d recently fleshed out.  A bit of research and I found his email and reached out to him as to pricing for its use.

It wasn’t cheap, but worth every penny (in my opinion), and when the time comes to let more people know about this site (currently it’s mainly just members of the Dark Room who I’ve told) I’m sure it will generate some interest in the books.

The “white circle” represents a brooch, which have a major significance in the series. I like the “Celtic feel” of it, not surprising given my roots.

In any case, if you like the painting, and how could you not, please consider dropping andres a line. I can tell you nothing gets an artistic more excited than hearing that others have seen your work and like what you saw.

5 thoughts on “Some notes about the graphics

  1. Great image. I do a lot of that myself. That is, I see an image that inspires me toward some character or settings. I’ve got a nice collection going. Some I’ve attached to ideas in Evernote, some I’ve pulled into something I’m working on it Scrivener, some are still waiting for its turn. I’m pretty excited about this project of yours. I love world building and getting under the hood. Speaking of which, someday you you could use this site, or another, and put out all that special material that otherwise might never be seen. Someday. Could be built out as time goes only with things that might not spoil it. Eventually a book on the world with fold out maps, sketches and drawings, and … I could go on and on. Love it.

  2. Funny that you mentioned that. I was just saying to my wife today, as we were going to lunch, that I have enough information that would make an interesting compendium. I might end up doing that at some point.

  3. I did read somewhere (unable to cite exact reference) that Sanderson attempted to compile all of Robert Jordan’s electronic notes/ back stories, etc., on the Wheel of Time into a single word document. I don’t recall the exact number of pages he got to, and wasn’t finished, when MS Word choked on the massive document. Can only imagine the encyclopedic compendium series that would need to be published to house the whole thing.

    • That would indeed be “epic” – mine won’t be nearly that long – This series will only be 3 books not 14 and my books are generally much shorter than Jordans. It would certainly be something interesting to see.

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