Numerous Numbers

A quick run down on what I have so far:

  • 2 – # of years I did conceptualization before starting the design process
  • 13 – # of days I’ve been laying out the design the series
  • 4 – # of main characters for the series
  • 3 – # of books in the series
  • 500 – # of names of places, people, races, etc I’ve come up to draw from as I create
  • 3 – # of maps I’ve created
  • 50 – # of images I’ve found that inspire me either as a place or a character
  • 20 – # of songs I’ve been listening to while doing the design
  • 25 – # of character studies I have done
  • 14 – # of groups of people – clans, tribes, and races
  • 15 – # of chapters currently planned for book #1
  • 4 – # of chapters in book #1 that I’ve done detailed outlines for
  • 2 – # of major plot lines in book #1

4 thoughts on “Numerous Numbers

  1. This is a lot of work in a short amount of time. If I could ask a question, it would be what is the character study specifics that you try and hit. As in, what are the main points. I’ve found some example character study questions, but I would like to hear yours. I’ve never done a detailed version of this, and would like to get your input on it. Thanks! 🙂

    Also, when you say you’ve outlined 4 chapters, do you means chapters 1-4, or do you bounce around? I’ve done it a few times where I’ve been on chapter 5 or 6, and then got a chapter in my mind and written it out quickly. I guess this would be the purpose of an outline, but do you ever write outlines for chapters out of order?

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