And on the seventh day, he rested…


For six days of the week, I’m primarily focused on getting words on the page. I’m concentrating on my word count (whether editing or writing new stuff) and getting the book that much closer to the finish lines. But Wednesday is a special day for me.  Usually I won’t schedule interviews or worry about word count (although I might get some down in the morning). But the main point for Wednesday is to give me a break so that I can “think.”

Wednesday is my day out.  It doesn’t matter how cold, rainy or nasty it is out, because although I may dread it while sitting in the confines of my cozy office, I’m always glad I did it after I finally step out the door.  I have about a mile’s walk (maybe a bit less) from my house to the Metro station and it’s a nice one.  It goes through a forest, over a stream, then down a pedestrian path used by bikers and walkers to commute.  This is great “me” time and I generally am either running over what I’ve written over the past week, or thinking about what is coming up next and planning for that.

I never take a laptop, and even though I have my ipad I almost never use it. This is a time for pen and notebook.  For jotting down things and letting my mind make connections.  If I leave the house early in the day I’ll go to North Side Social (a coffee shop in Clarendon) or Iota (another local haunt best known for its music).  For some reason being out keeps my mind awake (as if I’m home I’ll get drowsy in the late afternoon.

Come evening, I’ll head to O’Sullivan’s (no relation) and get a Guinness and some dinner.  I know everyone there, a very “Cheers” like atmosphere for those that are old enough to remember the old television show (maybe it runs on Nick at Night).  I might make some more notes, or chat with whoever’s there.  There are many who know I go there on Wednesday so often a fellow writer will stop by and we’ll chat.  It’s also my “writer’s group” night so I’ll sometimes go there to offer input on someone work’s that’s being critiqued.

All in all, my “day off” is usually my most productive and it either clears a roadblock or paves the way for the next week’s writing. I’m not sure if such a technique will work for others but I’d thought I’d at least put it out there.

6 thoughts on “And on the seventh day, he rested…

  1. Man that Guinness looks tasty. Hopefully I’ll catch you at a con sometime and have one with you.

    I try and do this on the weekends, but other life events often disrupt. Glad to hear you’re on to chapter four.

  2. This is a great idea. I’ve noticed this lately with myself as well, that I fill every moment with music or podcasts or reading articles. Thanks for offering another reminder to carve out thinking timing.

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