In the groove

Tomorrow I’ll be writing the 2nd section in Chapter 5, and I now am starting to feel “in the groove” with this particular book.  The foundation is now firmly in place and I’ve got my head in the right place such that now I feel the momentum really starting to build. It’s a good place to be, and makes writing a joy.

That’s not to say that I wasn’t enjoying myself previously. I feel fortunate that I get to do what I love the most, and wake each day excited about sitting down to write.  I’m not a writer who has to force my butt into the seat…I WANT to get there each day. The early stages were just “different” as I felt like I was puzzling things out and as such did more writing and re-writing then I typically need to do.

As I mentioned previously, it’s also good to have more of my “old routine” back. I do feel less pressure now that I can devote myself to non-Rhune activities and not feel guilty for doing so.

One thing that I am disappointed in is that I missed a few blog posts. I really wanted to have one a day, and will try to get back on track.  The big reason for this was related to Hollow World and getting the Kickstarter ready to launch.  I’ve never done a Kickstarter before, and I’m anxious to see how it will go.  It’s now “officially submitted” and “under review” so for those who have been waiting for “something new from me” participation in the Kickstarter is the way to go as that will get you Hollow World in June/July rather than January 14 which is when it will go officially for sale.  To learn more about Hollow World, Kickstarting, or self-publishing in general you can visit its site which is here.

One thought on “In the groove

  1. I just started writing the first scene for my next story and I know that feeling well. I can’t wait to get to the part where the words just pour themselves onto the page! Right now, it’s slow going with, as you say, puzzling things out.

    BTW, I liked your Hollow World trailer. If you’re ever looking for some royalty-free music, feel free to hit me up. I compose music as another hobby and have done one book trailer before. You can find it here if you’re interested:

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