Almost done…

No not with the book – but with the first half.  A few weeks ago I got to the half way point and wanted to take a pretty serious accounting of where the book was and what if anything needed adjusting.  I’m glad I did because there was indeed much that needed tending.  I’m just about done with that and will start forward momentum again soon.  It’s actually been a good time for me to do this analysis because I have a number of things that have also been going on simultaneously with this.  That includes:

  • Overseeing the Hollow World Kickstarter (which ends today)
  • Reviewing the printer proof for The Crown Tower (went out last Friday)
  • Reviewing the printer proof for The Rose and the Thorn (about 30% through)
  • Coordinating with Betsy Mitchell on structural editing of Hollow World
  • Revising copy editing candidates for Hollow World
  • Being a guest on some podcasts and being interviewed for some articles
  • Writing my posts for Amazing Stories

Once I’m back to the forward momentum phase I’ll start updating this site more regularly.

4 thoughts on “Almost done…

  1. “Being a guest on some podcasts and being interviewed for some articles”

    Come on now. Spill the beans! Give us some links. I need an excuse to procrastinate my writing :p

  2. @Clay – I’ll dig some up and see what I can find.

    @Phillip – Yeah I need to get back to updates soon – the truth is things are going very well. I don’t want to miss any deadlines with Hollow World so I’m hard at work on the edits but should be able to post again soon.

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