No, thank you…

There are many interesting things about being an author. One of the things I find most amusing is that when I see posts on forums, and get emails from readers I often see comments like this:

I hope I’m not bothering you too much, and I’ll try to be brief, but I just wanted to tell you ….

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your participation in this forum.

For the record, you never have to start any communication with me this way.  It is NEVER a bother to hear that people enjoy my work. It is in fact the best part of my day, and a great thing when I’m taking a break after finishing a section or chapter. And I participate in forums because, well I’m a fan like anyone else and I love talking about books.

The truth of the matter is that writing is a very solitary pursuit. I spend most of my mornings locked in my room pounding away at the keyboard.  Writing is by far my favorite pastime (keeping in mind that I don’t consider certain activities as fitting that classification – you can figure out for yourself what I think those are). It is indeed its own reward, and as I’ve said several times I write books that I want to read so I kill two birds with one stone there. But writing in isolation isn’t nearly as fulfilling without the interaction of others. After all I write with the hopes that people will read, be moved, touched, or entertained.  Hearing that my work has done that makes the whole process that much better.

So every time I open and email that says, “Thank you for writing such a wonderful series” my first reaction is an automatic…”No thank you” as this is the type of thing that is treasured by me…and motivates me…and is the salve that covers over that negative review or that bad day when nothing is coming out as I think it should.

Yesterday Rhune climbed to 94,000 words.  Hollow World edits continue to be worked on – the copy editor is GREAT and I’m crossing fingers that I can get it competed today.

One thought on “No, thank you…

  1. This is awesome! I cannot wait to read these works of art that you so carefully craft for us readers to enjoy! It’s nice to know that you appreciate our words of encouragement as much as we appreciate your hard work as an author!

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