The best book that never will be…

As if I didn’t have enough to do…I’m signing stuff for the Hollow World Kickstarter, going over editor changes for the Hollow World Kickstarter, writing blog posts for the Riyria Chronicles release, and trying to get to the end of Rhune (I’m pretty sure I’m at about 80% right now).  And in the midst of all of that a book came to me like a bolt of divine inspiration.

I guess I can thank Robin for it…we had spent a good portion of the day on a long bike ride and that is when I toss around a lot of my ideas.  But the long ride made my wife really tired so her snoring was in fine form.  So much so that it woke me up.  Usually I keep a pad by the side of the bed to make notes in and I sometimes wake and jot down a few.  But this…this was a full novel and I had to get it outlined.  So I actually got up, went to the computer, and essentially wrote the entire book.  It wasn’t “actually written” of course but the outline was extensive and complete. It was/is incredible.  Great commentary on the human condition, plot twists, character growth, a love story. I love it when all the pieces fit into place and the entire scope of the book lies before me.

In the “real morning” (because 3:00 am isn’t morning in any real sense) I spent some more time fully fleshing out the manuscript.  Then reality set in.  I couldn’t write this book. It required detailed knowledge in some aspects (certain religions and parts of the world) that I just didn’t posses.  Still the plot…the plot…was great.  I didn’t want to let it go.  So I wrote to a writer friend of mine who travels extensively and has lived in the parts of the world where the book would be set. I explained to him the plot, and my trepidation about not being able to write it without extensive research.  He confirmed what I had suspected, the idea was amazing…and no I couldn’t write it and probably never would be able to.

Still, I’m glad for the experience.  I liked the story I played out for myself and really enjoyed “reading it” even though it would never make it to paper.  I’m always amazed at how the human mind can make connections and put things together in creative ways.  I don’t regret the time I spent on it in the least. And besides, it’s not like I’m looking for more to write.