NanoWriMo ends – how did you do?

It’s over! Did you make it?  Did you try? Do you know what I’m talking about? I’m referring to National Writing Month, also known by those in the secret society of writers as NanoWriMo. For those that aren’t familiar, it’s the one month each year where authors are challenged to write 50,000 words. Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter what you write, or how good the result, the idea is just to get writers into the mindset of writing on a regular basis.

For most doing NanoWriMo it’s a challenging proposition. Mainly because most doing so are balancing a day job and “a life” which often includes significant others and sometimes younglings who still need to be fed and cared for even in the month of November. Plus there is the whole start to the holiday thing, which can eat into the time available when you are locked in a chair writing away.

To all those who tried and succeeded…Congratulations. To all those who tried and fell short, well good for you for making the attempt…and there is always next year.  Also, keep in mind that Scrivener (a great program for writing) has special discounts: 50% to all those who win, and 20% off for everyone else.

As for me, I wasn’t “officially” doing NanoWriMo as I was already 13,000 words into my current work in progress when November rolled around and technically you are supposed to start a new project.  But my yesterday word count was 63,580 so I did actually write 50,000 words this month, but I do this full time so that’s not all that unusual. (I try to shoot for 2,000 words a day). What makes these 50,000 words important is they are “finished” as opposed to just brain dumping.  Now that’s not to say that there won’t be editing when the book is all done, but they also aren’t stream of consciousness that is indicative of most NanoWriMo results.  I’ve already been over them several times during the writing and they are at the 90% completed stage that I produce during my first draft.

So although I’ve not updated much recently, progress is continuing. As with any of my writing I won’t know until it’s done whether it will die on the table or live on – but that’s why I write “full series” before  publishing anything.

That’s my update…how did others fare?