A long overdue update on The First Empire books

I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve updated this blog.  I think you’ll be seeing more frequent updates in the near future. If you’ve kept up with the main pages of this site you’ll know that this series went from a trilogy to four books.  Here is where the series stands now:


  • Written: Feb 2013 – July 2013 (100% complete)
  • Pre-alpha edit: July 24, 2014 (100% complete)
  • Alpha Read: July 29 – 31, 2014 (100% complete)
  • Alpha Edit: Aug 2, 2014 (27% complete)
  • Beta #1 Start: Sep 2014 (0% complete)
  • Beta #2 Start: Jan 2015 (0% complete)


  • Written: Aug 2013 – Dec 2013 (100% complete)
  • Pre-alpha edit: Aug 14, 2014 (100% complete)
  • Alpha Read: Aug 8  – Aug 14, 2014 (100% complete)
  • Alpha Edit: Sep 2014 (0% complete)
  • Beta: To be determined


  • Written:Jan 2014 – June 2014
  • Pre-alpha edit: Aug 14, 2014 (30% complete)
  • Alpha Read: Sep 1 – 3, 2014 (0% complete)
  • Alpha Edit: Nov 2014 (0% complete)
  • Beta: To be determined


  • Writing: Sep 2014 – Dec 2014 (0% complete)
  • Pre-alpha edit: Jan 2015 (0% complete)
  • Alpha Read: Feb 1 – 3 2015 (0% complete)
  • Alpha Editing: Feb – Mar 2015 (0% complete)
  • Beta: To be determined

So as you can see, even though I’ve not been updating i have been busy writing. The alpha reader feedback for the first two books have been very positive and I don’t see much that has to be changed.  For those that are interested in beta testing, I’ll have a post for you soon on that process.

6 thoughts on “A long overdue update on The First Empire books

  1. Thanks for these updates, Michael! Whether I get to read it in beta or at the release, I am excited knowing that it won’t be too much longer and Rhune will soon be in my hands! 🙂

  2. I’m excited to hear the books are progressing! I know you’ll post more about the alpha reading, but I would love to be involved with that.

    Quick question: you’ve written the books in very rapid concession. What’s the key to doing that? Did you outline everything before you started?

    • I’m not sure how “quick” they have been. I started Rhune Feb 2013 so this project is at 18 months right now…and there is plenty of time that will still need to be spent on them. I do outline though…but that doesn’t mean that I know everything before starting. Many changes are made through the discovery of writing. So it’s not a matter of having it all worked out.

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