It’s official!

Yesterday my wife finished reading the third book in the series and gave her enthusiastic stamp of approval. As pleased as I am with each book I write, I’m never 100% sure whether they are worth seeing the light of day until I get the thumbs-up or thumbs-down from Robin. Some might assume that she, being my wife and all, always gives the thumbs-up, but that is certainly not true. I have several novels and short stories that won’t see the light of day because the Quality Assurance Department here in our house has said, “Nope try again.”

So, Robin is currently putting some minor edits on the first book, and getting ready for the beta readers.  I’ll talk more about the beta process in my next post. But the good news is the series is in as Robin puts it, “Excellent Shape” and that is a huge hurdle to cross.

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