The first beta of Rhune was a huge success

So, the first beta is over (and Robin did a fabulous job running it, as I knew she would).  The feedback has been spectacular and it confirmed a lot of the things I suspected and gave me some new things to consider.  I’m in the process of  making the changes and the feedback will definitely improve the final book.  So thanks to all the beta people for all your hard work.  Here is some “stats” data from Michael about the beta read.

  • 558 people expressed an interest in being involved with the beta
  • 479 people did the “initial survey” to get considered for the list
  • 44 people selected for beta #1
  • 55% finished  in the time allotted
  • 7 failed to start the beta
  • 13 didn’t finish in time

No idea at this point how long before the reworks are done…but I’ve decided before I print the “limited edition” copies I’m going to get the changes made.  Which reminds me I still have some drawing to do – which I will forthwith – and report on my main site.

3 thoughts on “The first beta of Rhune was a huge success

  1. Cool! Don’t forget to update your status section on the top right of the page, it’s pretty out of date. =) Got a title for book 5 yet?

    • Ah – right – will do that. I have a title in mind – but I want to run it by Robin first. She needs to read book #4 as if I tell her the title beforehand it might be a bit spoilerish. Plan is for me to give it to her for Christmas…so far on track for that.

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