Books of the First Empire Series are on Goodreads

This actually happened a while ago, but I totally forgot to “announce” it until I got a message from a friend on goodreads about it.  So here goes….

Yes, the books of the First Empire are on goodreads and people are already adding them to their shelves.  In fact, Rhune (Book #1) is sitting on almost 5,000 shelves!  If you are on goodreads, and want to add the books to your own “to be read piles” here are some links to help make it easy: Rhune | Dherg | Rhist | Fhrey | Untitled (Book #5).

Please note, we are still in the VERY early stages of the development of this series so the covers above are placeholders only and they most certainly will changed by the release date. Also, the titles of the book themselves are only “working titles” and what is released may be quite different than what is shown here.

I hope you are interested in the new series, and if you are, then please add the books to your shelf and Goodreads will let you know when they are published.

5 thoughts on “Books of the First Empire Series are on Goodreads

  1. “the covers above are placeholders only and they most certainly will changed by the release date”

    But these look so great! Especially the one for Rhist. Please don’t change it!

    • They will certainly be “inspired by” but they do need some customization. For instance, the cover for Rhist is a painting that already exists and has been sold before for other books. I’ve bought a non-exclusive right to use it for my pre-promotion, and yes, I could pay a bit more and get it on my book…but it will always be “non-exclusive” which means something I’ve paid for could be used by someone else. When the “real” covers are done I want the artwork to be images that will ONLY grace the covers of my books…and yes that costs more than a non-exclusive deal. But I think it is worth the extra money.

  2. I can’t wait to start another series by you, so please keep on writing! It warms my little viking heart! 🙂

    I also wanted to ask: exactly who did those paintings that you used for the covers? They’re beautiful!

    • Great to hear. As to the cover. There are a a few different artists – the main one you see often associated with the series is from Andres Rocha. Two of them are my own creations, and one is a painting that Marc Simoetti did for the French edition of Avempartha. These are just “placeholders” an we, or the publisher, would have to hire someone to do the real versions. If I had my druthers. I would like Marc Simonetti to do the whole set at once. We’ll see.

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