Advanced ARC Winners

I posted this on my main site, but should have posted this here as well. Thanks for the person who commented that reminded me. For those who don’t recall, I’m making a VERY limited edition print run of Rhune at essentially the “beta read” stage.  I did some giveaways for people to get these and here are the winners:

  • Beta readers drawing (1 of 44) – Michael Coward
  • Goodreads Giveaway (2 of 6,475) – Tammie Venne & Gary Vanicek
  • Dark Room Members (1 of 943) – Dawn from Oceanside NY
  • First Empire Mailing List sign-up – David Quist
If you would like to be eligible for future such giveaways, here are some links you can use to sign up.
  • Request to join the Dark Room (a secret – private Goodreads group – just send me a message via email or from within Goodreads.
  • Sign up for release notification, pre-release specials, and giveaways for books in The First Empire, click here.  NOTE: If you are already on the mailing list – you are automatically entered for future drawings.
Originally I was going to print up the book in the same state as the first beta, but I now want to get the changes in and then print THAT version.  I’ve incorporated all the beta edit changes, and Robin is giving it a copy-edit.  These versions should be going on the presses in Early January.

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