More Advance Copy Giveaways of Rhune!

A while ago, I did a giveaway of the early, early editions of Rhune.  I just got the copies in and shipped them out, but I also bought a few more so I could guessed it.  Another giveaway!

So, another batch of some lucky people will be able to read the books before the summer 2016 release date.

The contest is open to people from all countries and there are a number of ways to win.

Most of these are pretty straight-forward, but I should explain “The Dark Room” a bit.  This is a secret and private group on goodreads for fans of my writing. Because it’s secret, it doesn’t show up on your group list, and any posts you make in it don’t appear in your friend feeds.  The fact that it is private means you have to be invited and approved…which I’ll do as part of this giveaway.
So what goes on in the Dark Room?  Well, all kinds of things such as:
  • This is where I pull beta readers from
  • I can leak information that isn’t public yet
  • We can talk about books
  • You can ask me questions
  • I can giveaway stuff not available to the general public
  • Other cool things but you have to join to see them
It’s a really cool group, and I hope you’ll join us there.
Now, about the copies that I’m giving away.  These are NOT the final version of the book.  What we have here is essentially the version that went to the second beta group (with a few fixed typos). There will definitely be changes, such as:
  • Feedback from the second beta test
  • Some things that need to be adjusted once I finish the last book
  • Editorial feedback from my editor at Del Rey
  • Copy edits, line edits, and final proof reading
So yes, the final book will be different, and yes, you will find typos and grammar issues, but it’s still “pretty clean.” For the winners, they’ll be able to see the difference between an interim and the final version that won’t come out until the summer of 2016.  Good luck on winning!

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