First Empire Updates!

The second beta ended last week, and I wanted to take a moment to thank all the people who participated in the read. If you’ve not heard from Robin, it is because the contract came in from Del Rey and she is deep in the analysis/negotiation of it.  You have no idea how much that helps me and my writing.  Usually, when dealing with things of this nature all my creativity disappears completely. I get tense, I get grumpy, and I have no desire to write.  Thankfully, having Robin deal with this end of things has allowed me to concentrate on the final book which is going swimmingly!

I use a feature of Scrivener where I type in an expected word count, a date to finish by, and it gives me a word count to meet. I had the date sent to the end of April and it was requiring about 950 words a day.  I kept beating those and the numbers went down and down (a good thing). This weekend I adjusted the date to early April and it has me back up at 1,100 words a day which I’ve been beating regularly, so I think that is a better estimate.

All in all, the mood around the Sullivan household can best be described as “busy but happy.”

5 thoughts on “First Empire Updates!

  1. Michael –

    Do you use the Mac or Windows version of the Scrivener program? I was looking it over and reading reviews and read that the Mac version has a lot more bells and whistles than the Windows on, so I was curious which one you had.


    • Mac now. In fact it is the whole reason I bought that computer…well mostly. I have used the PC version in the past…and yes I like the MAC one better. I’m a “little in love” with my computer – which is good because I spend so much time with it.

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