The Beginning of the End

So I’m now starting the climax which will be the beginning of the end of this series. It’s an exciting time, and the writing is going well. I officially started writing this series on Feb 17 2013, so it’s been two straight years.  I did have about six months “conceptualizing it” so it’s even longer than that…but anyway you cut it, that’s a long time for a project without knowing if anything will come of it.

The offer from Random House, and the other publishers for that matter, took a lot of pressure off my mind.  Not that I was ever “too scared” as I’ve self-published before and could have taken this series that way if that is what was required. Still, it’s nice having that portion over and just concentrate on the writing aspects.

Totally unrelated to this series…I have, in my off time, started doing plotting on the third book in The Riyria Chronicles.  Now that I know the First Empire wont be out until 2016, it’s important to get that book out in 2015 so I’m doing a bit of multi-tasking.  That’s possible because Fhrey  is going so well. It’s a pretty exciting time.

5 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End

    • Yeah, that was the plan. I was definitely going to have “something” out in 2015. If the First Empire hadn’t been “picked up” it would have been RHune. But now that it has been, then that means moving up my third Riyria Chronicle book. I don’t want to have a calendar year without some novel coming out.

  1. I saw that there was a survey process in choosing beta readers for the first empire series. (I saw this today, so obviously a bit late for that boat.). Will you be doing this for the next Riyria, and if so, how do I get my name on that list?

    • Yep all my books go through a beta process. If you want to sign up, here is a link to get on th list. It says, “Rhune” beta because that is the most recent beta held – but we’ll be pulling beta readers from anyone in this database.

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