One more scene!

Near as I can tell I have 4,000 – 6,000 words left to write. Just one more scene that will need a couple of different POV’s so it will take a few days yet, but things are wrapping up nicely. I still have to go over it from start to finish before I can pass it on to Robin. Her birthday is April 8th, and I should be able to hit it by then…for sure.

3 thoughts on “One more scene!

    • You know, I’ve not counted. I’ll do that at some point. It is a bit of an ensemble cast. In Riyria most POV’s are Hadrian (if he and Royce are together) or Arista or Thrace. I’ve never counted them up either – my guess is there are a few more POV’s in The First Empire but not dramatically so.

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