Writing dearth

Recently I finished “the big climax” and only had  a few little scenes to clean up to be done with the series and I’ve gotten next to nothing done for the last 4 days!  All kinds of things are getting in the way…a AMA that I’m still answering questions for.  A day when I couldn’t concentrate at all, so I went “out” to try to clear my head.  Then I pulled something in my back…reminding me that I’m an old man.  So now that I’m right at the finish line I’m not getting across.  Hopefully this will be remedied soon.

2 thoughts on “Writing dearth

    • Thanks for the well wishes. I’m still having issues – but no I don’t think it is serious. I’m sitting in a different chair, using a pillow behind me and making do. My wife is the one with serious back problems, and my daughter is now doubly concerned about having our “bad genes.”

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