And done!!

Yep, I’ve finished the last book of The First Empire – the trilogy that turned into 5 books is now completed.  While the editing process still has to be dealt with, that’s nothing compared to getting the story fully fleshed out.  All told it took me 772 days to write this.  Now I have about 8 days to give it the “once over” before I send it over to Robin for alpha reading.  I’ve already incorporated my notes for things I needed to change as I was writing, but I need to look at book #4 and book #5 as I think some events may shift between these two.

In any case, all of that is minor when held up against the task of getting the endpoint of the story penned and completed. Always exciting to complete a multi-book series!

27 thoughts on “And done!!

  1. Congratulations! As a reader, it’s a wonderfully freeing feeling to know that the series you’re wanting to read has already been completed. I would imagine it’s a doubly good feeling for the author of that series!

  2. Looking forward to this series so much! I was never into reading books a whole lot until I picked up the Riyria Revelations a few years back, and that series has gotten me hooked unto reading ever since. I will never be able to thank Michael Sullivan enough. I will be pre ordering this new series as I look forward to diving into a Sullivan series again!!!

  3. i am literally sitting on the edge of my seat at the moment. This book, along with Winds of Winter by George R R Martin, are my two most anticipated, cannot wait, peeing my pants with excitement, books for this year.

    When can i get my hands on it? i need that tactile feel of paper and ink to get a good fix of Mr Michael J Sullivan’s fertile imagination. WHENWHENWHEN?! Can i pre-order?

    oh ….. (keeping calm, now), thanks to Michael and the team for the hard work in getting the book(s) ready for us

  4. I am so excited. Loved the complete Riyria series. Now I just happen to wander by here on accident and read that a complete new series is almost finished. Can’t wait. Thank you, Michael.

  5. Out of curiosity, will the First Empire books be published in hardcover?? I was finally able to acquire all hardcovers of your books (and signed…yay me!) so I was just wondering if this would be possible with the new series.


    • They are! When I was “shopping” this book around that was my one requirement, as I felt like it was time to move from trade paperback to hardcover. My current publisher, Orbit, didn’t agree, and that’s why I’m now with Del Rey who did 😉

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