Just in time for Halloween: Meet the Tetlin Witch

Early in this series (book one in fact) there are some mentions to a legendary figure “The Tetlin Witch”  before the series is done you’ll learn the whole story behind her but I thought I would share a little poem from the series because it’s the haunting season after all. I hope you enjoy.

Far beyond the woodland hills, beyond mountains vile,
Hidden in a mist-soaked swamp, upon an awful isle.
She haunts the lapping blackened pools, and creeping ivy ways
And there awaits with hair of black and eyes a dismal gray.

She waits they say for time to end, and her life to be through,
Until that time she waits for me, and also waits for you.
Within a hut beside a pool the Tetlin Witch does dwell,
And watches at the fetid pond, the door that leads to Rel.

And there she sits upon her stool beside the very brink,
And watches as the fated fools down in the darkness sink.
Beware the Tetlin Witch my friend, and never go astray,
Beyond the woodland hills, beyond the light of day.

Or you too may find yourself caught up in the mire,
Sinking, screaming uselessly, helpless til you tire.
Then under the muck, under the water, deeper you will go,
All of you lost, forever gone, the Witch cackling as you go.

Overdue update

Well, it’s been far too long since I’ve updated this site.  I have a pretty good excuse.  In order to avoid any competition between my Riyria books and this series, I had to get the third Royce and Hadrian book  (The Death of Dulgath) out before the end of the year.  Well, that task has been accomplished, and now it’s time to get back to work on this.  So here goes.

  1. 4/28/2015 – The book was “officially” submitted to Del Rey for their editorial commentary
  2. 5/28/2015 – New Naming – I’ll write a blog post on this soon.
  3. 6/11/2015 – Contract “officially” signed.
  4. 7/06/2015 – Preliminary work on cover design.
  5. 8/17/2015 – Official Release date set for first book: June 7, 2016
  6. 8/30/2015 – Cover Artist selected – I’ll write a blog pos on this also.
  7. 8/31/2015 – Copyedit of Chapter 1 performed so it could be included in The Death of Dulgath
  8. 9/15/2015 – Rough sketch of cover received
  9. 9/16/2015 – Editorial feedback on book #1
  10. 9/17/2015 – Pre-order pages go up
  11. 9/25/2015 – Proposed Jacket copy
  12. 9/29/2015 – Jacket copy finalized – I’ll write a blog post on this.
  13. 10/14/2015 – Revised Cover Artwork received
  14. 10/19/2015 – Structural edit begins

I know that last time on the list is actually in the future – tomorrow to be precise. But I’ve put my house in order so that I can start on this tomorrow.  My plans are as follows:

  • Need to re-read Book #1 from start to finish looking for opportunities to add the changes from Del Rey’s structural edits.
  • Need to write three pieces of additional content.
  • Once that goes back to Del Rey I’ll read and edit Book #2
  • Hope to have book #2 ready for beta reading by the end of the year.
  • Hope to have books #3 – #5 fully edited by Summer 2016
  • Start a new writing project Fall 2016

As you can see, things have been moving forward even if I’ve not been posting. Now that I’m “off” The Death of Dulgath, I’m back “on” The First Empire and updates will come more frequently.