Yet another overdue status update

I’m not sure where the time keeps going, but going it does.  Here is yet another long overdue status update on the series.

  • Age of Myth – is coming out on June 28th. Del Rey and Robin have been working on some pre-release promotions. We will be offering a bunch of free material including character profiles, high-resolution map, author Q&A and screen savers of the amazing cover artwork.  If you want to sign up to be notified of how to get these bonus materials be sure to sign-up on this email list. ARC’s have arrived and they are going out to reviewers and being given away at various venues. Speaking of which I’ll be at Phoenix Comic Con in early June and signing a bunch of them there.
  • Age of Legends – book #4 in the series is almost done with its second rewrite. I had hoped to have it finished by the end of March but I also had a week’s worth of travel so all in all I’m right on schedule. Only two chapters left! Out of all five books this one had the most restructuring and I think the changes have really helped it out.
  • Age of Empire – book #5 in the series is scheduled to have its second pass edit done at the end of April or mid May and I think that is still doable. It will require more edits than books #1 – #3 but significantly less than book #4.
  • Audio books – Robin and I went to New York to sit in on the recording of the first two sessions of Age of Myth. Tim Gerard Reynolds did a fabulous job (as always). It was great getting a sneak peek of the audio version. We love the voices he picked for the characters and I’m sure you will as well.
  • Age of Swords – we are expecting to do the beta in June. If you want to sign up here is the link. Unfortunately, not all people who sign up will get in (we generally have several thousand beta requests and we just can’t run one with more than 12 – 20 participants as it’s too hard to manage.

Well, that’s what’s going on here. Things are very busy and June will be here before we know it. Hope you all are as excited as Robin and I.

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