Age of Legend in the Top 0.25%!

It’s just three days before the release of Age of Legend, are you as excited as Robin and I are? Well, we were so excited that Robin decided to see how the pre-orders for the audiobook were going and she found something really interesting.


Right now there are 2,915 audiobooks available for pre-order, and when organizing them by which are selling the best, Age of Legend is #7. Being in n the top 10 with the likes of Stephen King, Nora Roberts, Lee Child, Malcolm Gladwell, and a new Star Wars book is pretty surreal. Being the math person Robin is she tells me that puts it in the top 0.25% of all audiobooks for pre-order (top 0.24% to be precise).

Our thanks go to everyone who has pre-ordered, it was this kind of early support that got Age of War on the New York Times bestseller list. Whether we can repeat that with Age of Legend, who knows, but in some respects, I don’t care because making the list once was the dream of a lifetime.

Oh, and we are working with Audible to get the pre-orders up for Age of Death (coming February 4, 2020) and Age of Empyre (coming May 5, 2020). So you’ll be able to listen to all three remaining books in a span of just under 10 months of each other. That’s much better than the 2 years span for the first three books. Recording starts in early November!!

6 thoughts on “Age of Legend in the Top 0.25%!

  1. My wife and I are so excited for Age of Legend!!!!!!! Seriously, your books bring so much joy to us, cannot thank you enough! The remaining 3 books will be available all within a span of less than a year!?! This is truly glorious news! Am I right? Am I right?

    • You are right.
      * Age of Legend – July 9, 2019
      * Age of Death – Feb 4, 2020
      * Age of Empyre – May 5, 2020

      But those that back through the Kickstarter will get AoD in October. I’m not sure when the backers for Age of Empyre will get their books but certinaly earlier than May.

  2. Yay! I am an audiobook listener who preordered and I am thrilled Age of Legend is here at last!! (I still like Riyiria best, though. Can’t help it.)
    MJ, retired from the LIbrary of Congress where she heard you speak a couple of times

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