Age of Death Kickstarter – day 1 results

Yesterday, we had our first full 24-hours of the Age of Death Kickstarter, and as past backers probably already know, we are proceeding much more quickly than our former “best Kickstarter” (Age of Legend).  Here’s some data for those who like such things:

We’ve added 7 FAQ’s that might answer some of your questions:

  • Can I have my books signed? Yes, all books are signed. 
  • Expected delivery says October 2020 – is that right? No – it’s 2019. 
  • If I don’t want my name printed in the book, can I “opt-out” of this reward? Yes 
  • Can I have my books dedicated? No. They are just signed for fulfillment ease. 
  • Will there be an “ALL IN” for digital? – No. We don’t own the ebook rights for 3 books in the series.
  • How can I get two copies of Age of Death? Use the DOUBLE TROUBLE and select Age of Death for the “additional book.” 
  • Can you add shipping for my country – Yes, just let me know what country needs to be added. 

We’ve added a few things to the project based on reader’s requests:

  • We now have a DIGITAL DOUBLE TROUBLE – for those who want Age of Death and Age of Legend in ebooks
  • We added shipping for a few new countries: Slovenia, Ukraine, & Bulgaria
  • We added a new stretch goal (#2 for funding above $73,164). This will provide a free short story (Autumn Mists)

We’ve hit several accomplishments:

  • Selected by Kickstarter as a “Project We Love”
  • In 1 day became the 6th most-backed fiction Kickstarter of all time
  • In 1 day became the 13th most-funded fiction Kickstarter of all time
  • Reached stretch goal #1 — providing for a custom bookmark
  • We reached 300% of the project’s funding goal

As you can see, that’s a pretty incredible first day.  I hope it will continue to go well. Thanks again, all for the fantastic support.

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