Age of Death ebooks are sent!

For all the people who (a) pre-ordered through the BackerKit store (b) participated in the Kickstarter or (c) asked to be manually added we sent out your Age of Death ebooks! If you missed out, you can still join the fun by using option (a) or (c) above. What does this mean?  Well, 3,169 people are able to start reading the book right now, rather than waiting until the retail release on Feb 4, 2020.

Doing Kickstarters is a great way for us to (a) reward people who support me directly (with lower ebook prices and bonus material) and (b) benefits me by keeping a larger % of the money the reader spends.  Let’s quickly look at how Age of Death compares to Age of War (which was released through Penguin Random House’s Del Rey imprint).

  • Age of War – 1 week ebook sales: 6,389 which produced $13,230 to me
  • Age of Death – 3,169 pre-orders which produce $28,521to me

That’s more than a 215% increase. And as I mentioned, the readers saved 33% because the Age of War ebook sold for $14.99 and the Kickstarter people paid just $10.  And that doesn’t even include all the free content the Kickstarter people are receiving such as:

  • Their names included in the print and ebook acknowledgments
  • 5 free short-stories
  • Video recordings of Author Q&A
  • 10 musical compositions with music inspired by the books
  • Screensavers featuring 7 cover designs by Marc Simonetti
  • Additional graphics for DIY T-shirt printing

Of course, we really aren’t comparing apples to apples, we will receive a bunch of pre-orders (and first week’s sales) through the retail chain, and while those won’t be at the 90% margin we get for direct sales, it will still be around 65% of list rather than the 14.9% I receive when books are released through a publisher. Once we get those numbers, we’ll revisit this again.

For all the people who participated, thanks for the support and happy reading. For those who haven’t, you can still get your book early by participating through option (a) or (c) above!

2 thoughts on “Age of Death ebooks are sent!

  1. I was really looking forward to this. To be better prepared for it i started the First Empire Series again. When I got to the end of Legend I started Revelations trilogy and I am in the final chapters of Heir. I will finish it tonight and finally I’ll get to the long awaited Age of Death. I know what’s going to happen. After it finishes and you leave us on a cliff again it will have to be Chronicles. You just get on with it please. And thank you so much for your magic.

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