Goodreads Choice Award Nominee


So, Age of Legend hit the New York Times and the USA Today Bestseller list, but I have to admit that neither of those accolades holds a candle to getting a GoodReads Choice Award Nomination.


Why? Because it’s a distinction that is based on feedback from readers. Nominees are added because of a number of factors (a) the number of people who have shelved the book, the number of reviews, the rating of those reviews. And this year, it was because so many did a “write-in” when it didn’t make the first round of 15.

The field this year is a great one, and I’m not here to lobby for you to vote for Age of Legend, but I do hope you’ll take a look at the field, and vote for one of the following:


2 thoughts on “Goodreads Choice Award Nominee

  1. I’ve read a few of these, have to admit that I really liked the Winter Witch by Katherine Arden, great book, great series, well written and easy to follow, but it’s a very tough choice because I liked so many of them

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