Hottest New Releases

Well, the launch of Pile of Bones: A Free Legends of the First Empire Short Story has been going amazingly well. It’s currently ranked:

  • #1 Bestseller New Releases in Science Fiction and Fantasy Books
  • #1 Bestseller for Fiction Short Stories across all genres
  • #1 Bestseller for Sword and Sorcery Books
  • #1 Bestseller for Sword and Sorcery Audiobooks
  • #2 Bestseller for Science Fiction and Fantasy Audiobooks
  • #4 Bestseller for Fantasy Books
  • #8 Bestseller for Audiobooks across all genres

hot_releasesI couldn’t be happier with the launch, and I’m glad so many people are picking up copies.  But remember, it’s only free on the US Audible site until March 7th. So get it soon.  For those who are overseas, or who prefer ebooks to audio, you can get a free copy of it from BookFunnel.

In the meantime, Robin and I are hard at work on our as pass of Age of Empyre (the last book in the Legends of the First Empire series. We are hoping to launch the Kickstarter for it on January 21st.  We’ll keep the stories coming!