Mark Your Calendar – Farilane Kickstarter Launches 2/15!

Our 10th Kickstarter has been approved, and it will launch 2/15 at noon EDT.  You can preview the Kickstarter now from this link, and even read the pre-copyedited first chapter of the book. Or, you can use this link to sign up to be notified once the Kickstarter launches.  


Being an unwanted twin in the imperial line of succession, Farilane became a scholar, adventurer, and in a time when reading was once more forbidden – a book hunter. Her singular obsession is finding the mythical Book of Brin, a tome not just lost but intentionally buried. Respected and beloved by the Teshlor Knights, not even their legendary skills can protect her for what she finds is more dangerous than what she sought.

Like the Nolyn Kickstarter, we will be creating a faux-leather limited edition version with
  • Hubbed spine
  • Full-cover foil stamp designed by Sarah Sullivan
  • 4-color end sheets with art by Marc Simonetti
  • Limited print run
  • Signed by the author (numbered and dated)
  • Built-in ribbon bookmark
This is what the Nolyn book looks like. Farilane will be similar but probably with navy blue faux leather and silver foil stamp.
We are offering a wide variety of reward levels and most of them come bundled with the ebook which you will receive several months before the retail release date of June 7, 2022.  Here is a breakdown of the reward levels.

If you missed getting a copy of Nolyn, you can add that to your order by choosing the DOUBLE DIGITAL DELIGHT or the DOUBLE TROUBLE reward levels (and we’ve provided a discount for multi-book purchases).

This Kickstarter will also provide discounted add-ons for the other books in my series including:

Calculating overseas shipping (especially if add-ons are selected), can be quite tricky, so we’ve setup the shipping of physical books ONLY in the United States. But non-US residents can still participate through a “manual add” process where we will calculate shipping to your location based on total product weight. If you are outside the US, you can use this form to have the postage calculated for the rewards you are interested in.

And last but not least, our son James is going to be stepping in to manage the Kickstarter and work with our daughter Sarah for the shipping process. This will free up Robin from having so much on her shoulders.

So, go take a look, and if you have any questions, you can provide feedback or pose queries right on the Kickstarter site.  And don’t forget to mark your calendar so you can be there on day #1. It’s usually a pretty exciting launch. We hope you’ll join us!

Winter Sale – Save 15% – 50% off

It’s that time of year again when we deeply discount our books.  Just a reminder, all physical books are signed and all ebooks are DRM free (and come in .mobi (kindle), .epub (nook), and .pdf (phones and tablets without readers. Here is what’s on sale:

  • ebooks: 50% off
  • Nolyn hardcover – 25% off
  • Individual hardcovers – 15% off
  • Individual trade paperbacks – 15% off
  • Riyria Revelations 3-book set – 20% off
  • Riyria Chronicles 4-book set – 25% off
  • Legends of the First Empire 6-book set – 25% off
We also have done a second printing of slipcases for the Legends of the First Empire hardcovers and while these usually cost $40, you can get them for just $31 when buying the books as well. 

We also have a bunch of ebook short stories for just a penny including:
  • The Jester (a Riyria short and comic editions)
  • Pile of Bone (a Legends of the First Empire short)
  • Little Wren and the Big Forest (a Legends of the First Empire short)
  • The Game – a LitRPG short
  • Burning Alexandria – a homage to Ray Bradbury
  • Autumn Mists – an homage to one of my favorite songs from my youth
The sale is running now through January 21st!