Age of Empyre Typos

This page will list typos that are found during the gamma reading process for Age of Empyre. If you have received an early copy of the book and you find a typo, please check this list and if the typo hasn’t been previously reported, please send an email as follows:

  • address:
  • Subject: Age of Empyre Typo

Please also note. The most commonly reported typo is related to compound words which is fluid in the English language and various English scholars may not agree on. For instance “facedown” vs “face down”.  We use the Merriam Webster dictionary as our reference source. So, before reporting a typo, Please check the usage from this link.   Also note, that some words can be spelled slightly differently, for instance, “advisor” and “adviser.” In these cases, all instances of the word should be spelled the same way, so it’s only an error if there is a word that is spelled in the alternate form.

We’ll try to think of something special we can send to the person who finds and reports the most typos.

NOTE: I had been maintaining this list as .HTML, but it’s a little cumbersome to edit.  So, I’ve switched to putting the errors in a shared google spreadsheet. You can access it here.