Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in The First Empire Series. We are planning on a number of cool things for the release of this series and we appreciate your interest in these stories.

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  1. You will not be disappointed with the age of myth. But yes, plow into the right rear Chronicles and revelations, they are a joy to read! I have listen to them four times and always get something new each time. There so much fun, and exciting, very humorous, and you will fall in love with Hadrian and Royce. These are the best Ive EVER listened to & Ive listened to thousands in the last 35 yrs. I am 62 next month & have been listening to fantasy/paranormal for that long, one right after another. I’m never w/o listening to a book. Probably 8 plus hours a day, now that I have a terminal illness, & am on disability. Have fun listening to these precious books. They are marvelous!

  2. You honor me with your kind words. Thank you. Happy early birthday, and oh so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Keep positive thoughts…it truly does help. Mine and Robin’s thoughts will be with you.

  3. Oh gosh thanks Michael. You don’t have to answer this, & I see I made some typos on that email but oh well. Thanks for ur acknowledgment, I was & SO surprised & honored. And the name Riryia is great! It fits perfectly. Also- I don’t know HOW in the world yu have time to answer all these emails. Holy cow. How do yu get anything done? No answer needed remember, lol. Just sayin’. I’m the one with the rare terminal met cancer, have a bunch of GIST tumors, & the meds don’t work anymore, supposed to stop the growth & did at first. I’m hoping I make it til the next “Myth” book, & yu said yu might do another Riyria Revelation book!? Yay! I hope I make it for that too. Most importantly tho, my youngest daughter, age 31 is pregnant again, (had a miscarriage) but now due in March. Can’t wait. Anyway—Thanks so much for being such a great writer & giving me so many hours of listening to such fun & exciting books. (Always an audio-book). Love yr imagination. So smart & clever you are. Take care, from one of ur biggest fans, if not the biggest. I talk about yr books to my 2 sons that both love same type of books I do, & we share titles of books a lot. Thanks again, & take care. 👍😊😎

    • Oh dear I just realized I’ve already told yu all this stuff, & repeated myself. Please forgive my running mouth. Ugh how awful I am. My OCD. Thx!

    • Hey, One thing I enjoy more than talking to readers, and that’s writing. And I get burned out when writing, so this is a great distraction. Wow, you certainly have had more than your fill of heartache as of late. So sorry to hear it. Hoping that things will be better in the future. And please tell your sons I said hello.

  4. Aweww thank you Michael. Yu are awesome, in yr kindness. Sorry I was a whiner. Good grief. But thx again so much. I just went on Hospice today & the RN was very interested in yr books becuz she loves stuff like that so she wrote it all down, & plans to begin the Riyria Chronicles. (Or Revelations?) I can never remember which came first. But told her to get them from the dates, 1st to last. I love that order, of re-reading them so much more. She’s excited. Yu need not print this, seriously. It’s just a giant thank you. Love, Leigh.

    • No apologies necessary. Revelations is the “original series” so it was written first and then the Chronicles were written later (but take place before Revelations from a chronological standpoint.

  5. The books are great. I read Theft of A sword and was hooked. I am finishing Age of Myth now and will be waiting for the rest of the series. Thanks for great the great writing.

  6. Do love the “nods to the boys”, and the references to characters from REVELATIONS AND CHRONICLES that are in the “EMPIRE” SERIES. I Still do visit “the boys” often. That said …. Your “EMPIRE” series is definitely already flying high with AGE OF MYTH. Reading it over and over. Just like REVELATIONS AND CHRONICLES. -Thank you for sharing your imagination and writing skills with all of us. – Can’t help myself I tell anybody that will listen that they are going to L o v e it if the author is Michael J. Sullivan.

  7. I drive 70+ hours a week hauling milk from dairies to the processing plants all around the country. I pass the time listening to audio books and I have to say you are my favorite author. I listen to a large assortment of stories (I just don’t have the time to read) but my favorite genre is fantasy. I own everything you have published, and I am constantly checking audible hoping to see a pre-order notice with your name on it. I appreciate your imagination and your style and I look forward to many years of your work. Thank you for becoming a writer, the world sorely needs men like you.

    • Hey Lisa, thanks for taking the time to stop in and say such nice things. Yeah, audio books are going to be essential in your line of work. I’m so glad you have enjoyed mine. More coming soon. I’ll be releasing 4 books from June 2017 to June 2018. So plenty more coming soon!

  8. Hi Michael,
    I love the Revelations and Chronicles series – I was hooked after the very first one! I’m really enjoying listening to The Age of Myth and can’t wait for the next audio book. I really love the humour, all the action and your well rounded and fascinating characters. Your books are brilliant. Keep up the good work!

  9. Getting ready to start age of myth now. Just finished listening to all of the Riyria series. I agree with your wife, I can’t get enough of Hadrian! ……or Royce. Your work got me through a very difficult period in my life. I am grateful to be able to get lost in your world over and over again. Please don’t stop writing about them!!! Thank you.

  10. Already read the first two and it takes a lot to get me really into a book. He has done an awesome job and I really don’t want to wait for the next one to be released. Guess I won’t have a choice.

  11. Your books have been my escape. I can’t thank you enough. Your work brings me great joy and I share it with all my book loving friends.

    • I’m so glad to hear that. People spreading the word by telling those they love to pick up copies of the books is what gives them their “legs” and I’m oh so grateful that people enjoy the stories so much.

  12. Absolutely love your “first empire” series, michael. I ripped through the first 3 as soon as they were available and am now eagerly awaiting the age of legends. I’ve been passing them on to my father in law and he’s crazy about them as well. Keep up the awesome writing. You have the best series in this genre out now. Thank you. – stephen in florida

  13. My family and I are HOOKED. A co-worker of my husband told us that if we liked fantasy ( which we do) we should check out Michael Sullivan. We did! We love all of the books!! I just finished book of Legends…. ACKKKKK! Come quickly October!!
    My husband and I have been avid fantasy literature fans for 30 years! Our favs are Eddings, Weiss and Hickman, Jordan, Tolkien, Lewis, Brooks, Fiest, Owen and now SULLIVAN!!! The depth of the characters, the relationships, the comedy, the adventures, the drama and character arcs, all make for the kinds of classic fantasy literature that can be read over and over again without getting boring. Thank you for the stories!! Thank you for the joy!

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