Slipcases are a huge success

Well we’re just under 2 1/2 hours into the Kickstarter for Legends of the First Empire slipcases and we are already the #1 most-funded fiction Kickstarter that is currently live.

The project was fully-funded in under 15 minutes (which I think breaks a record for us), so I guess people really were interested in these. Thanks all for the amazing support. I’m going to go ahead and lock in some production time for these with the manufacturer!

Slipcases for hardcovers coming soon…I hope.

Now that all the books in the Legends of the First Empire series are completed, I’ve had a number of people asking about slipcases to add that “special touch” usually reserved for most-beloved books. Well, Robin looked into it, and she found a number of suppliers who can take care of this for us. We’re going to launch a Kickstarter to see if enough people are interested in getting them. The Kickstarter will launch on Tuesday 6/23/20 at 12:00 noon EDT. There are a limited number of early-bird discounts for people who hop in right away.

Age of Empyre Shipping

While getting a book published at the height of a pandemic has been challenging, we are getting close to having all the pre-orders (both through my online store and the Kickstarter) sent out. Of the 3,077 orders we have 574 left to go. So, we’re at 81% shipped. Hopefully the rest of them will be out this week.

The Best of May

I’m pleased to announce that Age of Empyre was picked as a customer favorite and is one of the 20 Best Listens of May. Here is the complete list. Take a look, find something you like, and escape from all the crazy times we are finding ourselves in.

TitleAuthor# ReviewsRating
The DecisionKevin Heart8054.9
The 20th VictimJames Paterson &
Maxine Paetro
The New OneMike Birbiglia &
J. Hope Stein
Age of EmpireMichael J. Sullivan1,4544.8
Big SummerJennifer Weiner6424.2
HideawayNora Roberts3584.6
Fair WarningMichael Connelly2134.5
The Color PurpleAlice Walker474.9
The Lincoln ConspiracyBrad Meltzer &
Josh Mensch
Network EffectMartha Wells8824.8
All Adults HereEmma Straub2414.0
Shakespeare for SquirrelsChristopher Moore2254.7
The Girl Beneath the SeaAndrew Mayne4064.4
Hello, SummerMary Kay Andrews2654.4
The Rural DiariesHilarie Burton5715.0
The Last TrialScott Turow2104.2
Shadow FightChristine Feehan3374.6
A Good MarriageKimberly McCreight2984.9
Monster’s MercyWilllam D. Arand8084.9
IncomparableBrie & Nikki Bella6294.8

If you would have told me a decade ago that my book would one day appear on a Best Of list along with people like Patterson, Roberts, Meltzer, Walker, and Wells, I would have said you were crazy. I’m honored by my readers support, and I’ll do my best to keep the books coming.

Pre-orders for Age of Empyre

The final book in the Legends of the First Empire is at hand.

  •  Ebooks are already available through our site & live at online stores on May 5th.
  • The audiobooks will download to devices on May 5th.
  • The hardcovers will come off the presses on May 20th (we’ll be shipping books ordered from our site on May 21st, but I’m not 100% sure when the online bookstores will have copies in their hands as the books have to first go to Ingram’s warehouses, and then ship out to the distribution centers at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the like. I doubt books are being shipped to any brick and mortar stores right now and I’m not sure when they will.
  • For people looking for mass-market paperbacks, we don’t yet have a ship date for them, but they will be produced and will likely start selling around the time that the hardcover sales fall off.

If you’ve been waiting for the final book, now is the best time to get your copies. This page will provide links to all the various retailer sites.

  Buy Direct
US ebook

If you are not in the US, Book Depository (the blue book icon between BAM and IndieBound) offers free shipping worldwide. In addition, here are links to various Amazon sites for various countries.




First review is in – and it’s a doozie


As you might imagine, releasing a new book (especially the first or the last in a series) is stressful or an author. With the release date of Age of Empyre quickly approaching, the first review came across our radar. And boy, was it everything I hoped for.

It’s 100% spoiler-free, so if you are interested in seeing what Novel Notions had to say about the book, drop on by. And consider following the blog for other great reviews of books. They do a nice job over there.

Age of Legend Mass Market Paperback Available

it looks like the hardcovers for the Age of Legend are pretty much sold out.  Which means we are just in time for the mass market paperback edition. The official release date for the mass market paperback is April 28th, but we have several cases in hand already and they are signed and ready for order at our website.  If you’ve been waiting for fort this format, the wait is over!

Legend Mass Market Cover

Audible’s Stellar Storyteller Sale

I’m honored to have not just one, but two books in Audible’s amazing 2-for-1 sale for storytellers they feel are at the top of the game. And with Age of Empyre coming out on Audible in May,  that means you can can get the six-book series for the price of 5 books since both Age of Myth and Age of Legend are in the sale. But, if you’ve already gotten these books, check out the sale anyway.  There are plenty of other great books from the likes of: Stephen King, Brandon Sanderson, Joe Abercrombie, Mark Lawrence, N. K. Jemisin, V.E. Schawb, Andrzej Sapkowski, Brian McClellan, Paolo Bacigalupi, Andy Weir, James Islington, Mary Robinette Kowal, Johnathan Renshaw, Rachel Aaron, Neal Stephenson, Andrew Rowe, Jack Campbell, William Gibson, James S.A. Corey, and dozens more!