Book #23 is done!

So yesterday I finished writing Rhune.  I’ll have bigger post in my website, but just wanted to officially log this in…book #23.  Yes, I’ve written 23 books, although most of them you’ll never see.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • 11 “practice books” where I was just trying to “learn my craft” and “find my voice”.  Some okay ideas but terrible execution
  • 6 Riyria Revelations: Theft of Swords (The Crown Conspiracy & Avempartha), Rise of Empire (Nyphron Rising & The Emerald Storm, Heir of Novron (Wintertide & Percepliquis)
  • 2 Riyria Chronicles: The Crown Tower (releasing in less than 2 weeks), The Rose and the Thorn (releasing on my birthday – Sep 17)
  • 1 Hollow World – approaching finishing the copy edits on this.
  • 2 books that I’m not sure what to do with:  Need editing at a minimum (Antithesis and A Burden to the Earth)
  • 1 in the New Empire Series

Currently it stands at 122,800 words. Much left to do on this but nothing I’ll be doing anytime soon.  First will require Robin to do the Alpha read, based on her feedback I have a couple major changes that I may or may not need to do.  I pretty much have lined up things nicely or Dherg.  I’ve been burning the candle on all ends: Hollow World, Riyria Chronicles and now this.  So I’ll probably be taking a break and trying to get some things around the house taken care of that have been neglected.

7 thoughts on “Book #23 is done!

  1. Wooo! Nice work! 23 books, wow!! Are you planning to self-publish these straight away or give Orbit the option to pick them up? (NO MORE DELAYS WAAAAH). At least Crown Tower is coming out soon.

    Also, you basically wrote 80K words in the time it’s taken me to write 25k.

    • I will always give Orbit first look. I have to contractually, but I would even if I wasn’t contractually bound as I think they are a really good traditional publisher and I’m happy to be working with them. If Orbit passes, or we can’t agree on terms, I’ll probably look to a few other publishers to see what their interest level is. I’m sure I’ll get someone (maybe a couple of someones) interested in picking up the series. If so, then it’s a matter of running their numbers verses what I think I could earn self-publishing. To be honest, I had thought that I would self-publish The Riyria Chronicles but Orbit made a good offer so I signed that one up. My choice on publishing route is based on income, because if I’m able to sustain full-time writing then I have more time to write.

  2. Congratulations! That’s so awesome! Book 23?! You’re amazing.
    I can’t wait to read it. If you need anyone to test read it for you, I’m here… ;).

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